Director of Competition: Gabriella Szili

Gabriella Szili teaches cello and guitar for more than 30 years in the music school of Várpalota. During this time several students of her chose music as their main profession and became teachers and cello artists. Her students were laureates on numerous county, regional, and nationwide competitions.

Her outstanding student was Olívia Farkas, who won twice on the Friss Antal nationwide cello competition between the age of 9-12, and she won international cello competitions in Dresden, Liezen, Cakovec, and also the David Popper International Cello Competition in Hungary.

During the recognition and unfolding of the talent of her student on the international cello competitions she used the experiences to start and organize the David Popper International Cello Competition in 2000.

Her faith in the maintenance of talent testifies that she established vocation spots in Pápa, and Várpalota, which two proposed to take care of the talents on local and regional levels in every type of art. She is the secretary of the „Together for the talents” Talent Supporting Council which was formed in Veszprém county in 2013.

As an art teaching consultant she took part in several nationwide surveying and monitoring as an expert.

From 2001 she manages the elementary artistic school in Várpalota which is part of the Ability and Talent Developing Private School. From 2007 she is the director of the Allegro Elementary Art School in Pápa.

She was a musician of the Alba Regia Symphonic Orchestra and the symphonic orchestra in Veszprém for 25 years.

The city-council of Várpalota rewarded her with the highest prestige cultural prize, the Thury-prize, in 2001. In 2014 she was rewarded with the Bonis Bona prize of the Hungarian Talent Supporting Organizations’ Association.