Results of David Popper VIII. International Cello Competition


1.prize: Jeri LEE, South Korea
1.prize: Nicholas WONG, USA
1.prize: Austin Kwan Shek LAM, Hong Kong
2.prize: Aida POPA, Romania
2.prize: Sin Jo YAP, Malaysia
3.prize: Yuki Ariel WILSON, USA
3.prize: Ruilin HE, China
3.prize: Julia COTEANU, Romania
3.prize: Stefan IORDACHI, Romania 


1.prize: Danah HAN, South Korea
1.prize: Ling YANG, China
2.prize: Zhiyu QIU, China
2.prize: Hong Xuan LI, China
3.prize: Xi ZHENG, China


1.prize: Danbin LEE, South Korea
1.prize: BALOG Nella, Hungary
2.prize: Jugyeong KIM, South Korea
2.prize: Cosima FEDERLE, Germany 
3.prize: Thomas PRCHAL, Netherlands


1.prize: Seungyeon BAIK, South Korea 
1.prize: Stefano BRUNO, Italy 
2.prize: HARTMANN Domonkos, Hungary


1.prize: Hayoung LEE, South Korea 
1.prize: Rachel SIU, Australia 
2.prize: Alexandra KAHRER, Austria 
3.prize: Riku HAGIWARA, Japan 
3.prize: Jaewoo JEONG, South Korea 
3.prize: Lena Marie SCHULZ, Germany 

Special prizes:

1.     Concert with Mendelsshon Chamber Orchestra: 
        BALOG Nella, Hungary

2.     Concert with Alba Regia Symphony Orchestra: 
        Hayoung LEE, South Korea

3.     Invitation for mini – residency to the SCS by Jacob Shaw director of the Scandinavian Cello    School: 
        Stefano BRUNO, Italy  
        Thomas PRCHAL, Netherlands

In this 8th competition, the very high number of participants have been equally complimented by the highest quality. We could hear artistic performances by the youngest cellists all the way to almost complete artists. We very much enjoyed listening to each performance, deeply ponder, feel and contemplate the power of music even in today’s hectic world.
The jury very much enjoyed the often very different performance styles and the colorfulness of the cellist students. The cellists participating in this competition have come this far after very intense preparations. We are all filled with joy to know how the love of music greatly empowers learning to play an instrument. We have seen and heard unworldly faces and hearts, and very much appreciate the contestants’ high level of technical preparations for the performances. The future’s artists will be shaped by these youths.
Congratulations to all participants and all prize winners!

Csaba Onczay, president of the jury

I'm proud that people in Asia, America, Australia, and Europe are talking about Várpalota, where fantastic cellist have competed for a week. They know that Várpalota is in Hungary, where persistence and faith have kept this competition alive for many years. Because we know that dreams can be and must be made into reality. We need to put faith in ourselves and in the things that are important to us. The world is moved forward by talent, diligence, and commitment. This time we were helped by the power of music.

Gabriella Szili, director